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Here at webster's gourmet meat kitchen we specialise in aging our beef. This natural tenderising process involves hanging the rump, loins and forerib in our coolroom for a minimum of 30 days allowing the natural enzymes to break down the fibres of the muscles guaranteeing tender and flavoursome beef. This art of dry-aging beef is a dying practice amoungst butchers due to the convenience of carton meat.

However, we believe this process is essential and well worth the wait and the hard work. The proof is in the product and you will find that our aged beef will melt in your mouth.

Our beef is sourced from an Australian family business that is well experienced in sourcing the best product available in Australia.

Our beef has predominately been grass fed.

Our beef supplier knows that we only accept the best quality of beef so that we can ensure that we prepare the best product for our customers.