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All chicken products stocked at webster’s gourmet meat kitchen, including the chicken sausages, are from La Ionica chickens which are chemical and hormone free.
You will never forget the taste of a La Ionica chicken. The old fashioned taste of natural, healthy chicken turns every dish into a mouth watering experience. The chemically free process means that your La Ionica chicken is healthy and tender with the meat retaining its natural juices. The chicken is tender, succulent and processed chemically free due to the innovative cleaning process. La Ionica are the only chicken processor on mainland Australia to use the premium European method of “air chilling”, a process which does not involve the use of traditional spin which are chillers filled with ice water and chlorine.
Your La Ionica chicken is :

  • a great tasting natural product
  • a natural pink flesh
  • firm and healthy meat that retains its natural juices
  • you get what you pay for as there is no excess water