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At webster’s gourmet meat kitchen we are renowned for our sausages. Many of our sausages have been awarded prizes at the Sausage King competitions held by the Australian Meat Industry Council. All of our sausages are gluten free (except for the Sang Choy Bow) and are made with real, natural skins. Only the best products and freshest of ingredients are used in our sausages. All vegetables, fruits and herbs are sourced from Martelli Fruit Market. The chicken sausages are made from chemical and hormone free chickens.

  • VOTED 3RD BEST GOURMET SAUSAGE IN AUSTRALIA IN NATIONAL SAUSAGE AWARD COMPETITION 2013 (AMIC)                                                                                                                              Pork, Sage & Onion (thick)
    our version of the Cumberland sausage
  • Beef & Bacon (thick)
    a delicious, lean sausage with smoky bacon bits

  • Beef Chipolata (thin)
    an award winning, plain beef mini sausage
  • Beef, Guinness and caramalised onion (thick)
    beef marinated in Guinness infused with caramalised onions
  • Beef & Honey (thin)
    a sweet beef sausage
  • Beef Nachos (thick) – Award winning
    a sausage bursting with flavor of cheese, beans and sauce
  • Beef & French Pepper (thick)
    a tender beef sausage with black pepper corns
  • Beef, Red Wine & Garlic (thick)
    a subtle hint of red wine with garlic
  • Breakfast Beef (thin) – Award winning
    an award winning, good ol’ fashioned sausage – very lean & tasty
  • Beef, Sundried Tomato & Basil (thick)
    a lean sausage full of tomato goodness and sweet smelling fresh basil
  • Beef, Sweet Capsicum & Black Pepper (thick)
    a punchy sausage with sweetness and pepper

  • Chicken & Apricot (thin) – Award winning
    an award winning, slightly sweeter sausage with the delightful surprise of apricots
  • Chicken & Sweet Corn (thin) – Award winning
    an award winning sausage with a hint of honey and juicy sweet corn
  • Country Beef (thick)
    what can we say – the best plain beef snag around town – 90% fat free
  • Country Pork (thin) – Award winning
    a good old fashioned mild pork sausage – great for curries
  • Italian Lover (thin) – Award winning
    ooh baby - a pork and veal sausage bursting with flavour of fresh fennel, fennel seeds and fresh chilli
  • Lamb Madras Curry (thick)
    a curried sausage with fresh peas, a hint of turmeric and fresh coriander
  • Lamb, Mint & Rosemary (thick)
    a heavenly scented sausage full of fresh mint and rosemary
  • Moroccan Lamb (thick)
    an aromatically spiced sausage with raisons & dried fruits
  • Plain But Lovely Chicken (thin)
    this lovely chicken sausage is a hit with the kids and great in curries
  • Pork, Leek & Bacon (thick) – Award winning
    a tasty pork sausage full of fresh leek and bacon bits
  • Pork, Wild Mushroom & Roasted Garlic (thick)                                                                                         a pork delight with delicious woody flavour 
    a pork sausage with water chestnuts, ginger, garlic, onion & oyster sauce BEST SELLER pop it in a iceberg lettuce leaf
  • Spanish Chorizo (thick)
    traditional smoked Spanish sausage – hot or mild
  • Preservative free beef sausage


Note: range of sausages may change at any given time